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Prague, Hlavní město Prague, Czech Republic Global Business Services 48730 22. October, 2020
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About DHL IT Services & Digital Lab:
At DHL IT Services, we’re designing, building and running IT solutions globally, supporting 550 000 colleagues and millions of clients. Thousands or servers, apps, even more devices and insane amount of data…all managed from our data centers or public cloud.
That’s a lot of digitalization – our key priority for the coming years, deeply embedded in DPDHL’s 2025 strategy. ITS Digital Lab is a fresh department, aiming to address this digitalization theme, including all the buzzwords in there. You can think of it as an internal start-up, or an accelerator. We’re designing, prototyping and running cutting-edge solutions in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotic Process Automation, Blockchain, IoT and more.

Currently, we’re looking for Senior Product Manager of Virtual Assistant Platform. In this role, you will have an opportunity to directly impact customer experience in DPDHL through digital assistance and globally scale up (literally; we’re in all the countries in the world!).

About Virtual Assistant Platform:
Virtual Assistant Platform is a new product in the domain of Artificial Intelligence / Natural Language Processing. It connects multiple channels such as WhatsApp, Web, Phone and Facebook Messenger with our back-end APIs and various NLP engines, in order to deliver digital assistance. These automated bots/assistants, fueled with a bit of AI, can then help our customers and employees 24x7, in a personalized (and fun) way. We’re trying to be where the customers are, to make DPDHL more accessible and helpful enterprise. Here’s a little bit more details:

The tech: Our infra stack is both on-prem and in the cloud, everything is based on auto-scaled microservices and the product is highly-available in multiple regions. We simply need to serve in all countries. On the higher level, there’s mostly Node.js (Javascript/Typescript), Python and Rust on the back-end and React on the front. Everything is wired via APIs, typically REST-based, but there’s also fancier integrations like websockets, or streaming RPC over HTTP/2. For the NLP engines (and many other integrations), we’re not married to a single technology, but having more options to continuously stay ahead.

How we work:
We’re working in an Agile/Scrum way, so sprints, small iterations, deploying many times a week to Production. Like in any other company, it’s not Scrum 100% by the book, but we try to live the principles of the Agile manifesto. The development is following DevOps culture, so, whatever one builds, he/she supports in Production in case of issues. There’s also lots of space for exploration, as the product and customer needs to be continuously developed, so we work with startups and other enterprises to stay on the cutting edge and cherry-pick what makes sense.

The team: We have built a Center of Excellence (CoE) for the Virtual Assistants here, considering there’s dozens of them within DPDHL only, both internally and externally facing. The CoE is having almost 30 people with various roles, such as developers, project managers, architects, consultants, pre-sales, or even support team. This helps us remove boundaries between the teams and be even faster in Production. We work in multiple regions, typically Europe and Asia, where our biggest datacenters are, so the diversity is quite high, too.

Your role:
We’re looking for a Senior Product Manager, who would help drive the product to the next level and have the responsibility for overall product success. This could mean not only the P&L, but also having the right features, technical stability, or great customer relationships. Typically, your day would be filled with discussing the architecture/new features (+ grooming the backlog), supporting project managers on delivery, discussing with high-profile customers on their needs, managing supplier relationships, or shaping the big hairy vision for the years ahead. You would have a big advantage, if you have experience with (similar) the tech stack, but we don’t expect a superman from the day 1; we want to give a proper learning space, too. What’s really needed, however, is passion for great customer experience and technology.
Does it sound a bit like you? Let’s talk!

Your work:
  •  Product management of a global, omnichannel digital assistance platform for text & voice applications
  •  Shaping an overall strategy/mission/vision of the platform
  •  End-to-end delivery accountability of dozens of chatbots/voicebots; typically ranging from business development, engineering and conversational design to support and continuous improvement
  •  Conceiving new chatbot use-cases and prototyping them towards business stakeholders
  •  Exploring and exploiting new technologies to drive better customer experience; e.g. speech transcription/synthesis, sentiment analytics, topic modelling, NLP engine evaluations, video support..
  •  Working with customers and suppliers to deliver on the product vision
  •  Strengthening the overall DPDHL digital assistance community across all organizational levels
  •  Working with colleagues across the world from other Centers of Excellence to support an overall AI/ML strategy of Digital Lab
  •  Ownership of an overall business model to achieve a positive P&L
  •  Contribute to further initiatives within Digital Lab

What do we expect from you:
  •  A passionate professional with proven technical and leadership background; this is a cross-functional role
  •  Expertise and passion in applying cutting-edge technologies that are solving practical problems in the domain of AI/Natural Language Processing is a must
  •  Ability to quickly get from an idea to a demo-able Proof of Concept within the domain of NLP
  •  Experience and comfort with multitude of architectural and cloud-native solutions; this is a hands-on role
  •  Ability to motivate and guide international virtual teams
  •  Outstanding communication skills and ability to simplify complex topics to wide range of audiences
  •  Excellent written and spoken English; we’re an international team

What do we offer:
  •  Team of like-minded, motivated experts, from across the globe, always ready to support you
  •  A great opportunity to advance your career in AI/ML, with lots of learning included
  •  Modern Digital Lab environment (or at least a nice virtual background during the pandemic)
  •  Extra week of holiday (25 days/year)
  •  6 Self-sickness days/year
  •  Permanent contract
  •  Company car / car allowance
  •  Full salary compensation for up to 10 days absence due to illness per calendar year
  •  Lunch vouchers fully covered by DHL
  •  Ongoing professional and technical trainings and certifications
  •  Cafeteria benefit system by EDENRED
  •  Employee Referral Program and Working Anniversary Rewards
  •  Company sponsorship of various sports and social clubs
  •  Huge number of internal grow opportunities within the company

For more details feel free to contact

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