Field Sales Executive / Senior Executive

Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia DHL Global Forwarding, Freight req78087 15/05/2019
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Job Description

  • Develop and maintain strong existing customer relations and loyalty through ensuring customer satisfaction
  • Respond to customer enquiries/complaints
  • Manages a defined portfolio of potential customers and wins them for a lasting business relationship with DGF
  • Responsible for establishing customer profiles and customer needs
  • Highlights to Area Sales Manager / Branch Manager on observations of market dynamics for example competitors’ behavioural patterns
  • Provide specific advise / information to managers to facilitate business performance review and evaluation.
  • Maintain and support inter-departmental relationships
  • Assist in account receivable issues
  • Develops sales plan/strategy/activities to achieve target budgets.
  • Responsible for conducting high quality presentation of the entire range of standardized products to customers
  • Establish and present customized offers to customers
  • Negotiate with customers on contractual terms of service provision that is aligned to corporate sales policy and procedures
  • Adhere to approved credit limits granted to customers and enforce previously agreed payment terms
  • Prepare and realize planned sales calls
  • Responsible for product targets
  • Secure/collect all necessary information to assess credit worthiness of potential customer
  • Ensure customer commitments are communicated to respective operations
  • Report activities, quotes, sales calls and other information through customer database system e.g. ISELL
  • Perform roles and responsibilities in compliance with Company Policies, Procedures and Instructions
  • Support Receivable function

Skills & Competencies

  • Good written and communication skills with proven industry and management background.
  • Analysis:  Breaks down a problem, situation or process into its component parts, separates the main issues from side-issues, understands the nature of parts and their relationship to one another. Seeks out and critically evaluates both numerical and narrative information. Draws accurate conclusions.
  • Planning & Organizing: Sets clear and realistic goals and objectives. Establishes a course of action and a sequence of steps to ensure that activities and objectives are efficiently achieved. Is structured with good personal organization. Schedules time effectively and uses efficient work methods and tools.
  • Decision Making: Makes timely and appropriate choices based on accurate analysis and experience. Uses sound judgment even in conditions of uncertainty. Anticipates impact of decisions and plans how to manage risk.
  • Results Orientation: Continually seeks to accomplish critical tasks with measurable results. Overcomes obstacles and makes adjustments to achieve results. Focuses self and others to achieve targets aligned with business goals.
  • Teamwork: Works cooperatively with others to achieve target and objectives. Accomplishes own tasks in support of team goals and actively offers to help colleagues. Supports group decisions.
  • Accountability: Acts responsibly. Can be counted on to keep commitments. Complies with the intent of policies, procedures and agreements. Builds others' trust in own professionalism, integrity, expertise and ability to get results.
  • Communication: Provides both verbal and written information in a timely, clear and concise manner. Expresses ideas effectively, adjusting style, tools and mode to the needs of others. Listens attentively, and summarizes or asks questions, when needed, to clarify information.
  • Self Management: Remains calm, objective and controlled in responding to urgent or demanding situations. Maintains effective performance under pressure. Stays positive.

Zahlen und Fakten

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    DHL Global Forwarding Malaysia

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    Unbefristet Vollzeit

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